An easy pre-hab program (without equipment)

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Pre-hab (preventative rehabilitation) is important in preventing injury and pain, often targeted at preventing injuries caused by overuse in sport. Even if your coach/team doesn’t run a pre-hab program, you should arrive early to matches and training to do your own program.

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This is a good habit to get into as not only will it help prevent injury but most professional players arrive early to training to run through their own tailored pre-hab programs.

Below is an easy pre-hab program that doesn’t need any equipment. Keep an eye on our blog in the future as we’ll introduce more advanced pre-hab routines that use thera-bands and foam rollers.

Easy Pre-Hab Program (without equipment)

1: Single leg RDL

  • Hold for six seconds each rep

  • Six reps each leg

2: Lunges

  • Six reps each leg

3: Squats

  • Six to eight reps

4: Knee to wall (for ankle/calf mobility)

  • Hold for six seconds each rep

  • Four reps each leg

5: Glute bridges

  • Six reps

  • Two seconds up, three seconds down

6: Back rolls

7: Lower back stretch

8: Glute stretch

  • Static is fine

The above program will take less than ten minutes and will help with muscles activation and injury prevention.

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Combine this with a good diet, good sleep/rest and a standard match day warm-up to help you reach peak performance.

If you have any specific injuries or are at risk of specific injuries, please talk to a physio about designing a tailored pre-hab program for you. For more tips on how you can get the best out of yourself as a player, keep an eye on this blog or sign-up for one of our regional football clinics. Dates for the July school holiday tours have just been released

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